Improve your relationship with parents

ClassApp is the school communication app that connects institutions with parents and students in an easy, simple and efficient way.

A smart way to connect your school to parents

Private comunication


Forget those usual discussion groups in instant messaging apps and create private groups, keeping focus and the seriousness needed in school communication.

Organized comunication


All communications flow sent through ClassApp are stored and organized in one place. Thus, all messages exchanged between parents and students are documented.

Pratical comunication


Create communication channels for parents to connect directly with different school departaments, with simplicity and full management. The are going to thank you for that.

Eficcient Comunication


A sustainable communication tool known for eliminating paper waste, saving phone calls and increasing team productivity.


Tired of printing handouts and seeing them trashed down the hall? With ClassApp you can send, in seconds, general or individual messages, with just few clicks.


ClassApp can be customized with your school’s visual identity, enforcing your brand to the families with exclusivity.

Smart Comunication

Have you ever thought of the school having a real-time communication with the parents and knowing who has read the messages? And if there was an intelligent system capable of remiding the forgotten parents of the school's appointments?


"Why didn’t I receive this message?" Until today, the school was held hostage when parents claimed they didn't receive a certain message. ClassApp garantees 100% message delivery, and you can also know who has read and not read it.


Forgotten parents? ClassApp detects automatically and sends reminders every 24 hours for those who haven't read the messages. Besides doing it through the App, the system also reminds by e-mail or SMS, whenever needed.


What if the parents or students don't have the App installed? No Problem! ClassApp is an integrate communication system that can contact each parent the best way. Either through the App, by E-MAIL or SMS. Without disturbing unnecessarily who has already been contacted.

You are in good hands

ClassApp is used by more than 350 education institutions

Colégio Master
Albert Sabin
La Salle
Santa Maria
See Saw Panamby
Happy Code
Souza Leão
Escola Viva
Carandá VivaVida
Notre Dame
Projeto Vida
Oswald de Andrade
Colégio Anhembi Morumbi
Colégio Anchieta
Dom Amando
Da Vinci
Guilherme de Almeida
Mary Ward
Albert Sabin
Colégio Magno
Santa Marina
Nossa Escola
Colégio Antares
Centro Educacional Mabel
Vila Alpha
Stella Maris
Estado de São Paulo

The app alloows that the theachers send messages about homework of children, communicate about events and trips.

Catraca Livre

In the app, the teachers can share, in real time, general communicates, events and meetings [...]


An app to phones and tablets that allow the instant communication between parents and students.


Parents create app to improve the interaction with schools.